Technology & Service

Ladaka is a cross platform service enabler and delivers a value-driven sw engineering service to a wide range of companies from mobile handset manufacturer and embedded system company to mobile carriers. We offer a wide range of professional services from Smartphone App.development to embedded system network core solutions combined with innovative technology and creative ideas.

Our service is a kind of ¡°sweet spot¡±; our capabilities meet customers¡¯ needs, which our competitors cannot offer. ¡°Creative technology¡±, our fully integrated and highly skilled s/w engineering services deliver clear customer¡¯s value and satisfaction. we offer;

Mobile & Convergence serivce platform sw engineering service
* Platform coverage : Andriod, iOS, Windows phone, Linux, Mac OS, RTOS and etc.
* Industry coverage : Smatphone, Tablet PC, Smart TV, consumer electronics, medtech, industrial automation, automotive, aero/mil., and etc.

* Smartphone application development : Apps., Multimedia Player, MMS client, DAB and etc.
* Convergence service platform : Hybrid app., Web, TV Applications and etc.
* Customed Biz App. development for marketing, advertising and etc.
* System consulitng, test and QA.

Ladaka focuses on R&D of core technologies on mobile & embedded system like
* OpenGL l ES / WebGL library and customized API
* html5
* SNS Gateway
* Open web POS
* e-book viewer & publisher and etc. 

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